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ACOSA is an independent non-profit organization registered under the laws of the Republic of South Africa. ACOSA was founded by Himat (Ricky) Singh and Khentu Pitje to champion the course of encouraging participation of Africans in affairs of their communities and nation as good and active citizens towards a sustainable democratic and socio- economic dispensation. The organization was founded in association with men, women, youth, and community based organizations with the shared common vision.

ACOSA attains its overall objectives by leveraging the experience, expertise, skills and resource base of members, including strategic stakeholders in the public and private sectors, traditional structures, and civil society.


Quotes about being a good citizen and citizenship

"We're like the inheritors of great wealth in this country. We've forgotten all the sacrifices that the people who've gone before us made to give us this wonderful life that we have. We accept it, we take it for granted, and we think it's our birthright. The facts are, it's precious, it's fragile, and it can disappear on us in a moment. It's like quicksilver. If this is going to be a country that's owned by its people, then the owners have got to be active in the management of the country. It's that simple. The wimps are us." - H Ross Perot - Esquire, June 1988, p112 "The freedoms and privileges afforded every citizen in our democracy are unwittingly being threatened by the very citizens they were designed to benefit. - Matthew Horton - Good Citizen Director (August 2003)